Serviced Homes.
Community Living.

Zazume is an end-to-end rental management software simplifying the entire letting process for real estate companies, owners and its tenants.

Zazume works with real estate professionals, from letting agencies to property managers (Built-to-Rent, colivings, opcos, family offices, REIT, student housing…) to replace manual with digital processes and optimise the tenant’s journey from search to living.

Increase the team’s efficiency and your assets’ profitability, generating added value for the property managers, owners and tenants. Zazume transforms apartments into serviced homes.

What our users say about us

“Zazume’s technology allows us to visualise the entire commercialisation flow and streamline  our property management operation. It provides easy-to-use solutions that add value to both tenants as well as owners and allows our organization to be at the forefront of the sector.”
Nacho Castella, founder of Cat Real Estate.

Caterina House uses Zazume as the platform of reference for all tenant interaction, incident management and community building. By unifying all communication channels we optimised our internal workflows which has increased the efficiency of our operation.
Raúl Parrales, General Manager of Caterina Corporate House.

I have been using Zazume since I moved in and I am thrilled that my agency recommended the service to me. The entire process was super easy and convenient. A big thank you for finding my home insurance as well as helping me with my daily chores.
Carolina Ferreiro, Zazume platform user.


Zazume permite digitalizar todo el proceso de alquiler residencial a través de una única tecnología integrada. Es una plataforma enfocada a los profesionales inmobiliarios, para que puedan acceder a las mejores tecnologías del sector para optimizar el proceso de comercialización y gestión de instalaciones.